Wind chimes

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פעמוני רוח

Our chimes are made entirely by hand. Each chime is signed with maximum attention, with the highest of quality materials as well as musical precision in chime tones. We use superior materials: tropical woods coated with durable varnish, wax-coated nylon thread and anodized aluminum ingots. The wind chimes are produced in a variety of musical scales, whose chiming will affect emotional frequencies in the body – happy and joyful or soothing and awakening emotion – and are considered to have balancing and healing qualities. The choice of pentatonic scales was performed in collaboration with musician Gerhard Fankhauser. The tuning of the tones is performed with great care via aluminum tubes, using an electronic tuning fork. The wind chimes are resilient to all kinds of weather and can be hung either in the home or in the yard. For maximum enjoyment of their delicate tones, we recommend hanging the wind chimes in a spot that enjoys a gentle breeze. According to the wisdom of Feng Shui, wind chimes assist in harmonious flow and expanded purity. Jerusalem Chimes will bring pleasure to your lives with gentle sounds, creating a pleasant atmosphere and breathing life into your world for many years.

With love, Ofer Rubin



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