Jerusalem Chimes was established in 1988 in Jerusalem, by Ofer Rubin (born in Bat-Yam in 1962). Ofer spent considerable time in Jerusalem as a portion of his life journey and now resides in Rosh Pina, in Israel’s northern Galilee.

The factory shop in Rosh Pina is located on the main road leading to Tsfat, nd is easily identifiable from the road by the wind chimes and weathervanes in the front yard area.

Here you will find the workshop, the studio and the shop, where you can observe the handmade production performed by the artist and his assistants. And, of course, the products may be purchased in the shop.

All of the products have been developed on site, with a meticulous conforming to international standards, and are constructed of the highest quality raw materials, for durability both in the home and outside.

Many of our customers become loyal fans and regular purchasers of our products, extolling the high quality of Jerusalem chimes, with their pure and precise musical tones and the pleasure the chimes bring to their lives for many years.

Says Ofer: “I have explored other areas in my life, including feng shui, mysticism, Judaism, spirituality and more…from these fields I obtain the inspiration to create wind chimes, Stars of David made from natural wood, puzzles, crystal weaving, weather vanes and unique, original products like Cusp on the Sand, Reflected Light…and new products yet to be launched.”

The shop is open to visitors:

On Sundays through Thursdays from 10:00 to 17:00 +

On Fridays from 10:00 to 15:00

And on Saturdays we rest.

You may call the shop at telephone 972-4-6930867, or Ofer personally at 972-54-5238754 (Mobil).

May the wind always whisper in your heart